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Best Engraved Pocket Knives of 2023 [Top 10]

Looking for a unique and practical gift? Consider a laser engraved pocket knife! These knives are not only useful tools but also make for memorable keepsakes that can be treasured for years. Laser engraving offers endless customization possibilities, allowing for intricate designs and meaningful quotes to be etched onto the knife with remarkable accuracy. Pocket knives make excellent gifts for outdoors enthusiasts, and custom engraving adds a personalized touch that won’t go unnoticed. Don’t settle for a generic gift when you can give a personalized pocket knife that will be appreciated for years to come! Check out our list of the top ten best personalized pocket knives for inspiration or to choose one for yourself.

10 best personalized pocket knives

5-in-1 Utility Pocket Tool/Knife

5-in-1 Utility Pocket Tool_Knife Looking to attract new customers and boost brand visibility? Look no further than this 5-in-1 utility pocket tool/knife! Made of durable stainless steel and measuring 1″ x 3 1/2″, this Swiss-style multi-functional item includes scissors, a corkscrew, two screwdrivers, a regular knife blade, two bottle openers, and a toothpick. It’s the perfect gift for your handy customers, and by adding your company name or logo, you’ll extend the reach of your brand with every use. Extend the reach of your brand today!

Spur Pocket Knife

Spur Pocket Knife With its sleek and modern design, the Cedar Creek Spur Pocket Knife is both stylish and practical. Measuring 3″ in length, the attractive brushed stainless-steel handle and 2″ satin finish blade fit comfortably in your pocket. With the option to laser engrave on either side of the handle, this knife can be customized to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a practical tool for everyday use, the Spur Pocket Knife is sure to please. Plus, it comes boxed and ready to give! Order now and add a touch of elegance to your pocket.

Cedar Creek Rhino Pocket Knife

Cedar Creek Refuge Pocket Knife The Liner-Lock Pocket Knife features a sleek, minimalist design with a 3.15″ all-black handle and a 2″ black stainless-steel blade. It’s a compact and practical tool that also includes a lanyard hole for added convenience. Plus, it comes boxed and ready to give as a gift. With the option to laser engrave the blade and/or handle, you can easily add a personalized touch to make this knife a truly unique and special gift. Order now and elevate your pocket game with this stylish and functional knife.

Cedar Creek Cascade Pocket Knife

Cedar Creek Cascade Pocket Knife Get noticed with the Cedar Creek Cascade Pocket Knife, a sleek and functional tool that’s sure to make a statement. Featuring a 3.5″ black-coated stainless-steel handle and a 2.5″ neon-colored 3Cr stainless-steel blade, it is available in your choice of Neon Yellow or Neon Orange. Plus, you can customize your knife by having it laser engraved on the handle or blade. With a pocket clip included, this knife is both practical and easy to carry. It comes boxed and ready to give as a gift, or to keep for yourself. Order now and add a pop of color to your pocket with the Cedar Creek Cascade Pocket Knife.

Wolf Pocket Knife

Wolf Pocket Knife The Cedar Creek Wolf Pocket Knife is the perfect all-purpose tool for any outdoor enthusiast. With a 4″ anodized aluminum light green handle and a stainless-steel drop point blade with a thumb stud for easy opening, this knife is both functional and stylish. Plus, it comes with a clip for easy carrying. You can customize the blade by laser engraving your own design on it. The knife comes boxed, making it a great gift for any adventurer. Order your Cedar Creek Wolf Pocket Knife today and get ready for your next outdoor adventure!

Cedar Creek Refuge Pocket Knife

Cedar Creek Refuge Pocket Knife   The Cedar Creek Refuge Pocket Knife is an essential tool for emergency situations. With a 4.5″ gray aluminum handle featuring air holes for easy carrying, this knife also has a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter for quick and easy use during emergencies. The 3-inch, half-serrated black stainless-steel blade is an assisted opener and comes with a clip for secure attachment. Customize your knife with a laser-engraved design on the blade. This pocket knife comes boxed, making it a great gift for first responders, hikers, or anyone who values preparedness. Get your Cedar Creek Refuge Pocket Knife today and be ready for anything!

Cedar Creek Cutlass Pocket Knife

Cedar Creek Cutlass Pocket Knife The Cutlass Pocket Knife is a stylish and functional tool that’s sure to impress. With an attractive honey-brown burl-wood inlay on its 4.5″ stainless steel handle and a 3.5″ stainless steel blade, this knife is as beautiful as it is practical. It also comes with a pocket clip for easy carrying. Laser engraving is available, and it comes boxed, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Brigade Pocket Knife

Brigade Pocket Knife The Cedar Creek Brigade Pocket Knife is a unique and stylish option for those in need of a convenient tool. With a 3″ anodized aluminum handle designed in a striking wave pattern and a compact liner lock, this knife is easy to carry around. The 2″ titanium-coated tanto blade with thumb stud adds to the functionality and sleek design. The blade can be laser engraved for personalization, and the knife comes boxed for presentation.

Cedar Creek Black Wolverine Pocket Knife

Cedar Creek Black Wolverine Pocket Knife Get noticed with the black Wolverine pocket knife. It has a 3″ handle, a carabiner, and a 2″ stainless steel blade. Add your logo for a great promotional item at tradeshows, grand openings, and more. ideal for hunters, hikers, and adventurers.

AA LED Mini Maglite with Warhawk Pocket Knife

AA LED Mini Maglite with Warhawk Pocket Knife Impress potential clients with your hardware knowledge with this powerful AA LED mini Mag-Lite® and Warhawk pocket knife set. The 6.5″ flashlight comes with a 4″ handle and a 3″ blade knife, both finished in stunning black stainless steel. Add your laser-engraved graphics to create a unique and memorable promotional gift. It is packaged in a presentation box and includes two “AA” batteries. It is perfect for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers!


Engraved pocket knives are versatile tools that can serve many purposes. Whether you need a gift for a friend, a promotional item for your business, or a reliable tool for your outdoor activities, an engraved pocket knife can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Custom laser engraving allows you to create a unique and personalized knife that reflects your style and purpose. By ordering a personalized engraved pocket knife, you can make your mark on a timeless tool that will tell your story for years to come.

Contact us today to take advantage of our engraving services, as we can engrave on pretty much anything!