Are you looking for a unique way to personalize gifts?

Check out our custom wood laser engraving services! We can engrave almost any design onto the wood, making it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a wedding gift or just want to add a touch of personality to your home décor, our team can help.

Why Use Wood for Laser Engraving?

Wood is one of the cheapest, most widely available, and most commonly used materials for custom laser engraving. It is also one of the best materials to use if you want to create a custom, one-of-a-kind engraving.

Laser engraving on wood is a popular choice for many different types of personalized gifts for creating business relation and employees, including:

  • Custom signs
  • Wedding gifts
  • Personalized cutting boards
  • Memorial plaques

Wood is an excellent choice for custom laser engraving because it allows you to create deep, detailed engravings that will last for many years.

Cutting Boards
Wedding Gifts
Memorial Plaque

How to Choose the Best Wood for Laser Engraving

Not all woods are created equal, especially when it comes to custom laser engraving. Some woods are better suited for engraving than others. Here are a few things you need to take into account.

high resin content for wood engraving


Resin, or sap, is present in all woods to some degree. The more sap the wood has, the darker the marks will be when engraved. Some trees produce more than others, but as a general rule, choose trees that were cut in the summer for the darkest engraving results.

minimal wood streaks for wood engraving


Fine lines or streaks in the wood can make it challenging to produce a clean, crisp engraving. Some woodworkers work around it by orienting the grain of the wood in a different direction, but this isn't always possible.

avoid wood knots for wood engraving


While knots can add character to your custom wood engraving, they can make the engraving process more difficult. If you're using hardwood with knots, be prepared for a bit of a challenge.

What's the Best Wood for Laser Engraving?

Almost any type of wood can be engraved using a laser, but some woods are better suited for engraving than others. Some of the best woods for laser engraving include:

  • Alder : Best all-around softwood for laser engraving.
  • Maple : An excellent choice for engraved photos
  • Cherry : Easy to work with and has light wood with a dark burn, but has some streaking
  • Plywood : A high-quality birch does well with laser engraving
  • Basswood : soft and lightweight
  • Balsa : Very soft and susceptible to nicks and dents, but easy to engrave

These woods are all relatively soft, which makes them easy to engrave. They have a tight grain structure that helps to produce crisp, clean lines.

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types for woods for customization

How Thick Should The Wood Be?

Woodcutters use at least 1/4″ thick wood but no more than 1/2″. Any thinner and the wood is too fragile. Any thicker, and it’s more difficult to engrave.

What Kinds of Wood Don't Work Well With Laser Engraving?

Fiberboard is not typically used for laser engraving because it does not work well with the laser beam. Fiberboard is made from wood pulp, so it is not as dense as other types of wood. When the laser hits it, it looks overdone. If you must use fiberboard, you might be able to get a decent burn on 1/4″ wood.