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Top 8 Laser Engraved Wooden Plaque Ideas

Plaques have been a staple in the world of décor and memorabilia for ages. They’re the go-to choice for recognizing noteworthy achievements, displaying prizes, and honoring individuals who have made a difference.

When it comes to materials, wooden plaques stand out as a symbol of significance and strength. For businesses, customized wooden plaques with company logos or slogans add a touch of professionalism to any workspace.

Personalized plaques combined with the laser engraving technology can make it a truly unique gift. Not only does laser engraving enhance the appearance of your item, but also gives it a luxurious, high-end feel.

We offer a wide variety of customized wooden plaques that are sure to fit your needs. Check out some of our top picks and suggestions for customization below.

Top 8 Laser Engraved Wooden Plaque Ideas

1. Onyx Medium Plaque Award

 Onyx Medium Plaque Award

This laser-engraved and polished wood plaque is an incredible way to show gratitude and appreciation. You can customize this elegant corporate gift with your company’s logo and the recipient’s name.

The lustrous black piano finish of the wood accentuates your accomplishments with any of our standard plates. This wonderful award makes a lovely addition to retirement banquets, anniversary dinners, and other special occasions.

2. Derby Large Plaque Award

Derby Large Plaque Award

With the laser-engraved large Derby plaque, you can recognize your employees’ achievements or the hard work of your organization. It is beautifully grained walnut wood with a beveled edge, giving prominence to your message.

It is available in various sizes, and there is plenty of room to brag about the recipient’s professional and personal achievements. Imprint space varies by size and is available with four color process imprinting. The qualities of this plaque are sure to bring prestige to any wall.

3. Sublimated Plaques, 9″ x 12″, Vertical

Sublimated Plaques Vertical

Highlight and recognize a successful sales goal or spotlight the achievements of a team or individual employee, student, business, or club member with these striking sublimated plaques.

These 9″ x 12″ plaques are made of wood and aluminum and have a vertical orientation. They’re available on a white, gold, or silver metal plate with a full-color imprint on it. The processed plate is affixed to the wooden base, which can then be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk. These laser engraved sublimated plaques are the solution to your awarding needs.

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4. Gemstone Rosewood Plaque: Rosewood/Black Elegance

Gemstone Rosewood Plaque

The laser-etched Gemstone series of marbleized brass plates is finished with a crystalline textured edge and is available in four colors and two sizes. It is mounted to our rosewood piano finish wood plaque.

You can spotlight the achievements of a team or individual employee, student, business, or club member by giving them gemstone rosewood plaques.

5. Etch/Frosted Plaque: Rosewood/Silver

Etched Frosted Plaque Rosewood Silver

The Etched & Frosted personalized plaque process, adds a soft frosted background and brightly polished raised areas for an elegant diamond-cut look on a gold or silvertone plate mounted to our rosewood piano finished wood plaque.

It features a premium look, perfect for décor and memorial products. You can place it on your working table, in decorative cabinets, or hung it on your wall.

6. Laser Engraved Plaq – Walnut Piano Finish

Laser Engraved Plaq Walnut Piano Finish

It has reproduced intricate detail with our laser engraving process for a natural and dimensional look, burned directly into our walnut piano finished wood plaque. This plaque requires color-fill to make it more enhanced and stunning.

7. Channel Perpetual Plaque

Channel Perpetual Plaque

It has full-color imprint Spectra Printed on the reverse side of the acrylic, which is suspended by brass channels over a black piano-finish wood plaque. 12 black brass plates are magnetically attached to the black steel strip behind the acrylic.

Perpetual plaques include a decorated header plate. Channel Perpetual Plaques are the ideal gift to give to a team, business, or group.

8. Stellar Plaque

Stellar Plaque

You can honor those worthy of praise with a great item like this laser-engraved stellar plaque. It is mounted by silver standoffs to black wood with a brushed aluminum surface. A unique aquamarine art glass shape is highlighted with a grid pattern of black stringer glass.

This is almost sure to grab a lot of attention. You can make it special as recognition for great talent with our laser engraving method. You can personalize this award with a special message and give it out at the next banquet or corporate event. This is a great way to keep people feeling like they’ve done their best.

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How to clean laser-engraved wooden plaques?

The best way to clean laser-engraved wooden plaques is to use a moist cloth to remove any dust and grime. When cleaning the plaque, stay away from rough equipment because it might harm the delicate engraving. If required, you may scrape away any tenacious filth or grime using warm water and a light detergent. The plaque should then be properly dried with a dry cloth before being polished with non-abrasive wax.

Will laser-engraving fade on wooden plaques?

Yes, due to regular wear and weathering, the laser engraving on wooden plaques will gradually fade over time. However, the process may be stopped by polishing the wood and applying a fresh coat of paint.


This laser-etched wooden plaque is the ideal present for any business, whether it’s to express gratitude to a client or employee or to mark a significant accomplishment. Its distinctive and imaginative design allows for customization to match the logo and aesthetic of any company. Any receiver will value it due to its timeless appeal and classic style. This plaque is a considerate and enduring way to let someone know how much they mean to your company.

So, if you’re looking for a wood plaque to have laser engraving done on, we engrave pretty much anything; contact us for more information.

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