Why We Do It

Why do we do what we do? This is my favorite topic to discuss. It all comes back to relationships. If you were to ask anybody what is the most essential thing in business, you probably wouldn’t get the word “relationships.” However, once you say, “Well, what about relationships,” that is when the light bulb goes off, and they realize that relationships are the single most crucial factor in business.

I can attribute my success in business to building and maintaining relationships, and I want to help others understand the importance relationships have in business.

When you show someone how much you appreciate them, you can solidify your place as a trusted, respected, and valuable business partner. Imagine you are pitching a large piece of business, and three or four competing companies are also vying for that contract. However, in your meetings, you noticed your client is a foodie who loves cooking. So on your final meeting, you bring in a personalized cutting board with a couple of cocktail glasses with their name. You have shown your prospective client that you have taken the time to learn a little about them and will apply that same personal touch when you handle their account.

While we can’t guarantee that will be the deciding factor, we know it will make a lasting impression. You may not win the bid this time, but it’s almost a given that you will be continually consulted when your client needs something else.