Gift set prepared for one of our client with engraved ingredients of Spicy Butter Scotch Wings on a block of wood along with engraved coasters with receipt of different cocktails & mocktails with two whiskey glass.
Brand name engraved wood utensil holder  prepared for one of our client. Client wanted to gift the customers as part of brand promotion and build strong relationship with customer.
Candles with laser engraved cap
Candles with engraved cap prepared for the bride as an token of love for her Bridesmaids.

A wooden gift box with engraved “MJG” with two deck of playing cards and dice.

Wooden cutting board for Karla and Michael.

Customized wood insert for a playbill box.

Custom engraved award plaque for Huichol Art.

Customized cutlery cabinet plaque.

Custom urn for a decorated war veteran.
Custom engraved coaster “BELCO XT TRIM”
Custom laser engraved on coconut for birthday


Pair of leather boot was designed for “TWO Lane” an American brewing company with their logo so that they can gift it to their distributor and some of the customers to build business relationship.

Leather pouch was designed for “Modelo” a Mexican brewing company with their logo so that they can gift it to their distributor and customers to promote their brand.

A leather pouch engraved with “GG” logo.

Laser engraving for “Rolling Thunder”


Premium gift box prepared for Vision Solar™, a growing solar energy company. This gift box included brand logo engraved pen and keyring with Vision Solar engraved shiny metal card visible when opening the box.

A caring gesture shown by an organization where employee name were printed on insulated tumblers.

Bride and Grooms name printed insulated tumbler.

Yeti Tumblers engraved for AOCLE employees with the unique hashtag title.

Insulated tumbler engraved with clients name “Samantha”

A tumbler engraved with “My Girlfriend is hotter than my coffee”.

“Wine Not?” printed on tumbler.

Tumbler engraved for mother who is an idol to her children.

Tumbler engraved for “POLAR BEAR AIR CONDITIONING”.

“You’re an essential piece” engraved metal puzzle.

 Engraved metal tumbler for Utility Billing Management team.

Custom Laser engraved Harley-Davidson 100th anniversary gas cap

Custom laser engraved insulated contigo tumbler


Engraved Wine Glass Set

Engraved Long Wine Glass Set

Beautifully engraved whiskey bottle with two whiskey glass set.

Beautifully engraved whiskey bottle with two whiskey glass set.

Champagne bottle engraved with “August 2024”. Date marked for celebration.

Customized decanter gifted by Parents as a token of love and appreciation of getting graduated at Gators Football (2019 – 2022).

Customized DonJulio Tequila for Alan and The Irizarrys

Laser engraved whiskey glass for “Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of Investigation”